Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Minecraft Creeper t-shirt

creeperSneak up on your friends and hiss loudly with the Creeper t-shirt. Destroy their work that they spent hours on and generally be a complete dick. Its the creeper way.
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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Cocktail party t-shirt

cocktail partyGeeks throw the best cocktail partys and everyone knows it even 2 tonne tanks so show off your party side with the Cocktail Party t-shirt.

Just dont get boomer bile all over it at your next event.
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+15 Frost Resistance Hoody

cold res hoodyBrrrrrr... it's cold out there. Well in some part of the world it's cold right now. Whether staving off a Shaman's frost shock or simply looking to not freeze your ass off, the +15 Frost Resistance Hoody will have your gaming buddies jealousy levels reach new heights.

Ninja t-shirt

ninjaNinjas are the most stealthy entities ever known to man. Don't believe us? Look behind you right now! You don't see anything do you? That's cause the ninja standing there is simply too stealthy to be seen. But you are in luck, the the Ninja t-shirt you can too be a stealthy ninja

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